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Do want to learn Chinese? Or understand what your favorite Chinese song lyrics REALLY mean? Or improve your Chinese skills, no matter where you are currently? You’ve come to the right place!

Why Sing & Learn Chinese?

Learning Chinese can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be as awful as the fearmongers like to say, if you do it the right way.

Research has found that music helps people learn faster and remember what they learn. Music is also intrinsically motivating. So this site is focused on helping you learn Chinese the FUN way: through songs!

Not just that, we also have stories for beginners and epic guides on language learning, memorization strategies, and so much more! 

What you'll find...

Popular Chinese song lyrics, comprehensive language learning resources, it’s all here for you!

Check out the SONG INDEX for the complete list of song lyrics and translations, organized by language learning level, song title and artist name.

And visit the EPIC GUIDES page to find comprehensive guides and articles to help you explode your Chinese learning skills, including our…

   *Interactive Chinese Pronunciation Chart
   *Chinese Radicals Guide
   *Most Common Chinese Words

…and a whole lot more!

Meet your guides

Hiya! Essie here. Aka “the brains behind this outfit.” And this is my webmistress/writing coach, Sarah.

Between us, we have ~30 years of experience learning the fascinating language of Chinese (including both formal classroom-learning and informal self-learning).

We created this site to share our love of Chinese language and music with you, and help you on your own language learning journey. We’re super stoked you’re here! 

Pick your path:


Just starting out on your Chinese learning journey? Hooray! Check out these songs and resources curated just for you ~


Already know Chinese but want to break past the plateau? These songs and guides are perfect for the growing learner.


Are you an advanced learner who simply wants to enjoy Chinese music for life? These resources will help you become a Chinese master 🙂

Each Song Post Includes...

Lyrics & translations

Full song lyrics in traditional Chinese with pinyin and English translations.

lyrics explained

Learn what each word means and how it works in Chinese (and in the song!)

lyrics in colloquial english

Because direct translations sometimes leave a little something to be desired . . .

singable English

So you can sing along and understand the meaning of your favorite songs.

Our Best Articles & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Woohoo! We’re so glad you are beginning this life-changing journey with us.

If you’re just starting out here, the first thing to do is download your own Chinese pronunciation guide here.

Then check out these songs and learning guides, organized by language level and written just for you!

Feel free to get in touch (email us using the contact form below) and let us know your suggestions. No guarantees, but we always consider readers’ favorite songs, and yours just might be the next one!

Written Chinese comes in two basic forms: Traditional and Simplified.

Traditional is the “original” standard form and is used today in places like Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Simplified Chinese was invented in the late 20th century and is used in Mainland China.

This site primarily uses Traditional Chinese because:

1) Traditional Chinese characters have a logic to them that gets truncated in simplified,

2) Traditional is what we learned when we were first starting out,

3) The majority of the songs covered on this site are by artists from Traditional Chinese-using places,

4) It’s easier to understand Simplified Chinese when you understand Traditional,

5) and several other reasons, which you can read about here 🙂

That said, feel free to use whichever writing system you prefer. You can always use Google Translate to switch between the two! (That’s what we do)

If you want to get the latest songs and articles, make sure you pick up your free Chinese pronunciation guide and join the Sing & Learn Choir!

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For all other inquiries, see the contact form below ~ 

So glad you asked ^.^

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